Kathryn Goodson


Kathryn Goodson

Composers from Mozart and Schubert through Berlioz, Brahms, Respighi, Mahler and Rachmaninoff wrote certain songs ideally suited to the artistry of a skilled wind instrumentalist. Even without text, songs provide unique opportunities for personal expression. Vocalises (melodies without texts) composed by Sieber, Messiaen, Bordogni and more, offer further opportunities to explore lyrical phrasing.

Songs4Winds is a master class from a pianist's perspective given at the University of Michigan, the Pokorny Seminar, Ball State, Central Michigan, Indiana and Northwestern Universities, and Oberlin Conservatory, for wind players interested in: a repertoire besides sonatas, concerti, and orchestral excerpts; a more intimate glimpse into the minds of great orchestral composers; and shaping phrases with vocal expressivity.

Click here for an information sheet about the Songs4Winds master class: Songs4Winds.

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